You know how you get a thing going that you love and then it completely consumes your life and you can’t breathe anymore and you’re suffocating in this thing that you love but it’s harder to love now because it’s bigger than you ever imagined and you’re running out of breath just thinking about the power and weight of this thing you created and you need to just…


And let it be.


Let’s talk about the Writer’s Games!

I’m telling you right now, this year’s Writer’s Games sponsor is AMAZEBALLS and AWESOMESAUCE!!!

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You’ve never participated in a writing challenge like this before!

We were recently introduced to a writing group called the Writer’s Workout and once a year they earn the workout in their name by hosting the Writer’s Games! Now this is not your grandmother’s light-walk-after-tea-which-is-good-for-your-constitution kind of workout. OoOoh no. This is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) of writing workouts! It’s a high-octane, so-fast-you’ll-miss-it-if-you-blink-or-overthink-it kind of workout!


For the 4th year in a row, the Writer’s Workout is hosting their annual Writer’s Games- an exciting, fast-paced writing competition designed to challenge you as a writer and help you develop your writing skill! Over the course of 7 weeks, participants will produce 7 short stories in 72 hours. Yes, you read that right! Each week, participants will receive a topic on which they must write, edit and submit a short story within 72 hours!! A panel of judges conducts a…

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Free books!

I told you a giveaway was coming. I warned you. The time is NOW!

Go to www.writersworkout.net/contests and SIGN UP for their Contest Updates mailing list using the email address associated with your Amazon Kindle account. They’ll send you an email a few days in advance of every contest they run so you can be prepared. It’s completely free, they won’t spam you. By they, I mean I. I won’t spam you. It’s me.

This giveaway ends February 12. THREE lucky winners will be randomly selected and gifted the digital 2016 Writer’s Games anthology. It’s that easy. So go! Sign up! Win free books!

If you don’t have a kindle, Amazon offers a desktop version free for download.

The anti-schedule Schedule

Some stuff happened. The last six months have been a blur.

The Writer’s Workout played a game called Cabin Wars in July and my team won! Together, we wrote 242,365 words in one month. Overall, the members of The Writer’s Workout produced almost 600,000 words of fiction in July, 2016. How awesome is that?!

The Team portion of the Writer’s Games kicked off in August and ran through Sept. Event six caused a Death Match (two teams tied for first), which our surprise guest judge declared should be…. haiku. Each team had to produce a story told by five haiku. Members of the Writer’s Workout and the Surprise Judge picked the winner.

The Games Anthology was released right on schedule in October. While all this was going on, I’ve been trying and failing to fix Part Two of The Third Death. It’s not going well. It’s not that it’s particularly difficult to write, or that the material is complex; it’s not chronological and the narrator shifts time frequently (one of the major drawbacks to editing a story written during NaNoWriMo). I need two maps, four diagrams, a chart, and a compass to follow it so cleaning it up and reorganizing is a bit like stealing from a dragon. It can be done, but only carefully.

Some more stuff happened and I put down the pen for a few weeks. The sadness is too much to bear.

I’m trying to focus on different things. Bigger, far more challenging, and very different. We’re moving The Writer’s Workout in a new direction. It’s been a long time coming and I hope that soon I’ll be able to give it the focus it deserves. For now, I’m just trying to keep breathing. cam00747